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Jason, Roxane, and Greg

Hi, we're the Browns!

During the Pandemic we heard rumblings that Sound Dive may not stick around and because we firmly believe that without robust local dive shops, the entire diving community suffers, in 2021 we made the decision to purchase Sound Dive Center. Sound Dive Center was Established in 1972 by Jack Stodden, and we are proud to continue his legacy of providing quality gear and customer service.

We are a Veteran family with Greg having been a Navy man, Jason served in the Army, and Roxane supported them both through long stretches underway and deployments abroad.

Our journey into SCUBA actually started on a vacation excursion with snuba diving. From there we were hooked and sought to get to the next level and become certified SCUBA divers. We learned to dive through Sound Dive Center, and take seriously the motto of our certifying agency, NAUI: Dive Safety Through Education. Because SCUBA certifications are valid for life, it is absolutely critical that your foundational learning is focused on providing you the tools to withstand a lifetime of diving circumstances. We trust NAUI and have witnessed firsthand the importance of a divers' training in emergency situations.

Whether aged 12 or 60, learning to dive is just the beginning of a fantastic lifelong activity. We love diving in the Puget Sound and enjoy encountering the various invertebrates like nudibranchs, sea stars, and the illustrious Giant Pacific Octopus. 

Whether close to home or traveling to a dive destination we endeavor to equip our students and customers to become environmental advocates educated with knowledge and skill to preserve our oceans. The world’s oceans are over-taxed and in a state of stress, so as we look to explore the underwater environments while vacationing we work hard to find the best dive locations and companies which promote marine ecology preservation and education. We have 3 core principles for partnering with dive resorts/charters: Eco-Conscientiousness (both land and sea), all-inclusive at location(simplicity with pricing and accommodations/amenities), and multiple dives offered daily. If you would like to join us on our next adventure abroad please check out our current travel options!

All are welcome at Sound Dive Center, and we look forward to meeting you :D