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We offer in House Repairs/ Warranty Work. Our Lead Service Technician, Lyle, has been behind the desk resetting regs and fixing scuba problems for the better part of 40 years! 

Regulators and BCD’S Prices
First Stage Regulator $30 + parts & tax
Primary Second Stage $30 + parts & tax
Alternate Air Source/Octo $30 + parts & tax
BCD Service $30 + parts & tax
Full Face Mask OTS/AGA $195.95 + parts & tax
Kirby Morgan  $250.95 + parts & tax 
Rush Fee Additional $99
SCUBA Tanks  
Hydrostatic Test (Including VIS) $46.95
Visual inspection (Aluminum & Steel)  
Tank Whip Service $31.95
Air Fills  
13cf/19cf $5.95 + Tax
30cf/50cf $7.95 + Tax
72cf/80cf $9.95 + Tax
100cf/120cf $11.95 + Tax
10 fill "Punch Card" $80.95 + Tax
20 fill "Punch Card" $140.95 + Tax
Nitrox Fills 32%-34%  
13cf/19cf $9.95 + Tax
30cf/50cf $11.95 + Tax
72cf/80cf $14.95 + Tax
100cf/120cf $17.95 + Tax
10 fill "Punch Card" $130.95 + Tax
20 fill "Punch Card" $240.95 + Tax
Air Fills $5.95 + Tax


Valve Removal  $5.95
Valve Reattachment $5.95
CO2 Fills  
per 1 pound $4.95
10lb $49.95
15lb $74.95
20lb  $99.95
General Services  
Dive Computer Battery Replacement $30 + parts & tax
Depth Gauge Calibration Service $30 + parts & tax
Drysuit Leak Testing $99.95


Other Services:

Hydro testing: DOT Authorized recertification testing on-site in our HydroLab!
Nitrox and Tank Cleaning
PSI/DOT Certified Cylinder Inspection
Home to HydroLab: small cylinder paintball tank hydro testing
Home to FireHydro: SCBA tank testing for fire departments.
24 hour “expedited” service available for an additional fee!
Most services are completed within 10 days, however, we can expidite some services. Visual Inspections take about 30 minutes and can be performed while you peruse our store, subject to availability of service tech.
DOT Advisory: Aluminum Alloy 6351-T6  many of us in the Recreational dive industry have chosen to not fill these bottles, due to the potential failure while under pressure.

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