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Our In House Fill Station

 We have filtered Compressed Air, Enriched Air Nitrox (32%-34%), CO2, and Food-Grade CO2 ready to keep you going on your next adventure.

 Cylinders can be filled while you shop, or you can drop off for a tomorrow pick up. Please observe our Overnight Guidelines below.

 All cylinders will be observed for current testing, both Hydrostatic and Visual if applicable, before being filled. If your cylinder is not in compliance we cannot fill it until it has been tested.

 If a technician is available, Visual Inspections($14.95) can be done same-day. Hydrostatic Tests may take up to 10 days and vary in cost depending on cylinder type.


  We can fill cylinders used for: 


PAINTBALL                                          FIRE EXTINGUISHERS

AIR RIFLE                                                             AVALANCHE

SCBA                                      4X4 ON BOARD POWER TANK


Overnight Guidelines for Cylinder

Overnight: We will gladly hold your tank(s) overnight. Your tank(s) needs to be labeled with your name and you have provided Sound Dive Center with your current contact information.

Over a Couple of Days to a Week: We understand life happens. You will need to come pick it up as soon as you can.

Over a Month: Our expectation is you have called us to let us know when you will come pick up your tank(s), and arranged a pick-up date. We will attempt to contact you in 30 days as a gentle reminder that you have tank(s) to claim.

More than 90 days: Your tank(s) is/are now in a storage situation, and you need to come pick it/them up.

More than 180 Days: The tank(s) is/are now considered abandoned. If there is no response to our emails or calls this tank will be placed in our rental area for our use. You will not receive the monies from the rentals.

Over One Year: The Tank(s) is/are now property of Sound Dive Center. Thank you for the donation.



We certify our air is clean and pure through quarterly testing by a third party company which receives our samples then rigorously tests for impurities.