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We enjoy diving in our beautiful back yard, the State of Washington!

 2024 Bandito Charters: Sunday, June 9th | Sunday, November 17th

These are 2 tank dive days including food/water provided by Bandito Charters. Reservations are REQUIRED as there are just 5 seats are available per charter day.

You will need to bring your diving gear and be Open Water Certified(Advanced preferred).

All rentals for these dives are 50% off through Sound Dive, just be sure to check what gear you need and pick it up the day before. 

Meet at the Delin Docks Marina, Tacoma, WA at 7:55am the day of your charter.

Find out more here.


Upcoming Sponsored Dive Days:  Sunday, May 26th | Sunday, July 14th | Sunday, August 11th | TBD Sept | Saturday, October 26th

Join us for some local shore diving! We host an exciting and sometimes prize filled local dive excursions comlplete with fun, food, and friends!

 Our backyard is a spectacular wonderland and we are proud to create these diving opportunities free of charge, we only ask that you tip the DM who is leading the dives. 

Please sign-up here so we can keep you up to date on any weather/planning adjustments and help us keep an accurate headcount.


Titan 1 Missile Silo: August 31st 

This dive experience is an all day affair in partnership with Undersea Adventures.

The group is limited to 8 divers and you must make your own transportation/lodging arrangements.(We are happy to help you plan)

Divers will descend into an old Missile Silo which requires proficient physical fitness and buoyancy. 

Find out more HERE.