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We offer in House Repairs/ Warranty Work. Our Lead Service Technician, Lyle,  has more than 40 years of experience. Our Service Door has a sign that says it all “If Lyle can’t fix it, it’s trash.”

Regulators: Overhaul/Annual and warranty work on all brands
Dive Computer Battery replacement
(often while you wait)
Depth Gauge Calibration Service
Drysuit: Leak testing, Replacemen zippers and/or seals
Wetsuits: Repairs
Other Services:
Hydro testing: DOT Authorized recertification testing on-site in our HydroLab!
Nitrox and Tank Cleaning
PSI/DOT Certified Cylinder Inspection
Home to HydroLab: small cylinder paintball tank hydro testing
Home to FireHydro: SCBA tank testing for fire departments.
24 hour “expedited” service available for an additional fee!
Most services are completed within 10 days, however, we can expidite some services. Visual Inspections take about 30 minutes and can be performed while you peruse our store.
DOT Advisory: Aluminum Alloy 6351-T6  many of us in the Recreational dive industry have chosen to not fill these bottles, due to the potential failure while under pressure.

Diving Service:
Certification Card Replacement
NAUI cards (in-house).
Local Dive Guide and Divemaster Services
Shore and boat dives
Dry Suits for rent
For Drysuit training only at this time
Air Fills to 3500 psi
10,000 cubic ft of stored air.
Nitrox Fills to 3500 psi
10,000 cubic ft of 32%*34% on tap.

Paintball (CO2 and Air) and SCBA tank fills

Fill Station

Compressed Air:
Air Rifle

Beverage Grade CO2
*Fire Extinguishers
*4x4 On Board Power Tank
*Kegerator CO2 Beverage Tank