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Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

  • Refresher Course

Refresher Course

This course is for divers who need rust removed and iron sanded.

This diver feels they need to review the Open Water Course from beginning to end. This course will run in conjunction with our Basic Open Water course.

The divers in this course will need to complete the required eLearning and attend all lectures, pool sessions, and checkout dives.

The standard experience for this course is 6 total days spread over 3 weeks typically beginning on the first Thursday of the month with classroom time at the dive shop.

Overall it is 2 weeks of thursday class time in the shop and saturday sessions at the pool, and the final third weekend (sat/sun) performing 4 checkout dives.

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We want to emphasize that there is not Re-Certification available. Your initial Open Water Certification is valid. However, the top priority for every scuba diver should be safety, and although each diver's original certification is valid for the lifetime of that diver, when scuba skills have been paused for a while it is best practice to ensure fundamental confidence of the important basic skills/principles.

*For this course divers will need to have their own personal gear(mask, snorkel, boots, fins, gloves, SMB/Reel). We have package options available for students enrolling in the course. Also, any diver enrolled in this refresher course will receive 15% off retail gear not already marked down.

Keep in mind:

*NAUI eLearning must be purchased, picked up, and completed prior to the beginning of class. The eLearning will be automatically applied at checkout when purchasing class online.

*It may take approx. 20-30 minutes filling out paperwork forms when picking up your eLearning packet from the shop.

*All classes require pre-registration and deposit
*Prices are subject to change.

*No automatic refunds

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