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Sound Dive Center has been the Flagship SCUBA Dive Center in the Northwest for the past 50+ years!

Olympic College Students having fun in the pool

Under the Water

What an experience. Watching the water rise outside of your mask, as you submerge in the weightless underwater world of scuba diving, and continue to breath “UNDER WATER”. 12 to 60+ feet! We have programs for all age groups. We love sharing our passion for the ocean and our world underwater. We can prepare you for that warm water trip, involve you in our local diving or prepare you to enter the dive industry, we provide it all.


NAUI is the oldest of the agency’s, it is non profit and governed by a BOD who are elected by its member instructors. NAUI instructors have been a integral part of Sound Dive Center for over 45 years.

DAN Diver Alert Network is a great group of diving medical professionals. Please support and us DAN.