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Our Thoughts about Shopping for SCUBA Gear On the internet:

A lot of scuba retailers (Dive Stores) have a poor or negative, knee-jerk reaction to customers shopping on the web.

We’ve heard or even have said comments like:

** “You’ll be buying air over the internet when your local dive stores go out of business!” OR

** “Wait till you have a problem with that internet gear at 60 ft and have to swim to the surface.” OR

**” just : “&&%%$$$ !!!!!!!!!…..!”
At Sound Dive Center, our reaction has changed from these thoughts, to:
“Good, You’re shopping for SCUBA gear! Divers are good people. You’re going to love owning your own gear,”

SCUBA Diving can be a great lifetime activity, so its essential that you own the best equipment you can afford. Most pieces of equipment should last a lifetime. If you buy correctly, you’ll buy once. Apposed to buying poor equipment (usually internet oriented) and end up having to buying twice.

Here’s 2 simple facts: The internet direct sellers are selling dive gear at it’s lowest common denominator, unassembled, in the box.

Sound Dive Center sells dive gear with the following values added:
We assemble it, configure it to your specific needs, and absolutely guarantee the fit and proper and appropriate operation. Remember that you are purchasing life support systems.

– After assembly, we fully test your regulator(s)
– Check your inflator/dump valves and Trim the seals on the dry suit’s, we make  sure they fit “you.”
– We give you all of the special “insights” and show you the features about the gear you choose
– We are always available to resolve any operational or warranty issues.
– We guarantee you immediate satisfaction with your newly purchased equipment.
– We will always be here for free, providing cheerful consultation on all the places and ways you can use your new gear.
– We want you in the water diving, happy and safe.

FINALLY ! Here’s the best part: YOU get to decide whether or not we’re worth it.

What to do, try this:
Because you need to touch it and try it on, which you can’t do on the internet. So give us a friendly visit. Come look at all our equipment; ask questions, try things on for sizing, and get catalogs and anything else to help you choose your perfect dive system. Then hit the net and find out what the stuff is selling for without the value we add.

All we ask in return is that before you transmit a credit card number to someone who doesn’t know you, doesn’t live in your community, someone that is in a warehouse somewhere at an unknown location.

All we ask is that you give us one last chance to make you one of our many happy, loyal customers: Just show us what system you have chosen and what pricing you have found in cyberland. In exchange, we’ll make certain you are getting what you think you’re getting: the right size, the most current model (not a close out), right features, etc. And we’ll tell you what the cost difference would be if you buy the exact same system from us, with all the above values added. One simple number. No pressure. Then you decide. We guarantee we will treat you with all the cordial respect due an intelligent and thorough shopper, and will sincerely attempt to negotiate something that makes all of us happy.