DSC_0129The adventure begins here at Sound Dive Center! Imagine your teen, watching the water level move up their mask as they slowly submerge below the swimming pools surface – and continue to breathe! It’s the most exciting feeling imaginable. The Sound Dive Center Teen SCUBA Camp will teach your teen to use the most up to date techniques and SCUBA gear during a 2 week “all day” SCUBA Course. We will provide your teen (12 – 18) with everything they need to know to independently and competently scuba dive with a buddy. A skill that they will use for a lifetime. Marine Science, physics, math and real PHYSICAL Activities. NO ELECTRONICS NEEDED OR ALLOWED…. No virtual diving here, it’s the real thing.

The Northwest’s only SCUBA “Venture SCOUTING” program
2006 was the start of our Teen Camp that is also part of the Scouts. “Venture SCOUTING” program (which is open to both Girls and Boys). This affiliation allows us to use both the National Parks and the Scouting Facilities. We are very proud of our recognition and affiliation with the SCOUTS. Sound Dive certified over 100 scouts during 2006-12.

DSC_0039What We Do for FUN
The Sound Dive Center Teen Scuba Camp and SCUBA certification course is a NAUI entry level scuba certification course specially designed for teenagers by the Sound Dive Center staff. It provides the fundamental and base level knowledge and skills to SCUBA Dive. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities with an Adult as a buddy. We provided the diving activities and training required to reach this competency. Teen Divers who are certified in the North West and Sound Dive Center, are considered the most qualified divers in the US, even at this “Basic Level.” Whether you plan on diving in the Puget Sound area with your teen, or plan on diving in the tropics, your teen will have 36 years of working with youth and aquatics.

At “their” Speed and Total Immersion (sort of speak)
Our 38 years of experience of teaching kids, has taught us to teach and train, at your teens pace, not ours. Low class size and, high ratio of Instructor/staff enables us to give them the attention they will require. Did we say, they’re going to have a great time? Our Teen SCUBA Camps are really fun.

Pool First
Before they hit the open water, they will get a minimum of 5 pool sessions to polish their water skills. The swimming pool that we use, is very warm and comfortable. We provide shorty wet suits for the students who need that “extra insulation.” There are “No surprises here.” Water work is at the stidemts pace. Everything that they are going to do in the open water, they will do many times in the swimming pool, under easy and controlled conditions.

We do 5 open water dives over two days. One skin dive (with wet suit of course) and four scuba dives. We usually do two scuba dives each day of open water training. Our normal training depth will be between 20ft and 40ft. We usually use two local (within 30 minutes) sites, Illahee State Park and Harper Fishing Pier, on the Puget Sound. We use Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park weather and conditions permitting.

Camping and Venture Scouts
* No really camping is involved. However, our Venture Scouts will be doing a 3 day “overnight” trip to Port Angeles area in July.

* Age. Minimum is 12 years. Over 15 students receive regular certification,

2012 Teen Camp Schedule ( 9 am to 3:30 pm Monday – Friday )
Camp 1: June 25st – July 6th (July 4th is off)
Camp 2: July 9th – July 20th
Camp 3: July 23th – August 3rd
Camp 4: August 6nd – August 17th
Camp 5: August 20th – August 31st

$395. Student needs to provide Swim Suit and towel. Lunch and Snack. Completed medical form and/or doctor’s release.

Purchase your personal snorkeling gear package will discount your class by $50 (strongly encouraged). Bring a friend and get a $50 discount on your course, or credit for your next course (Advanced Class).

Scouting Merit Badge
* Cub, Boy and Venture Scouts can receive their Merit Badges through Sound Dive Center. Special one week programs will be put together on your schedule for the Pack, or Scouts can integrate with our regular program. A local State Park is available for group/pack camping. Contact Jim or Geoff for details.