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September Shop Dive – Three Tree / Les Davis

September 22, 2018

Divemaster – Mike Waymire


Small Wreck, Debris, Tire Reef, Junk Yard, Eel Grass Beds


The artificial reef structures teaming with fish are the main attraction to diving Three Tree. There are tire reefs, large piles of corrugated pipe, a junk yard of appliances, a few small boats (one still on its trailer) and even a large satellite dish. Swarms of ratfish are often encountered as you swim from item to item here. The reefs are home to large rock fish, ling cod, painted greenlings, octopus and more while you are likely to find sculpins and snake pricklebacks along the cobble and sandy bottom. There have been sightings of wolf eels, giant octos and six gill sharks at this location if you are lucky.

Special Restrictions:

Please be polite to the neighboring houses, especially at night.

Be careful, the bottom is pretty steep and it is easy to go deep if you are not paying attention. There can also be decent current during large tidal exchanges so you may want to head down the beach and allow yourself to drift back towards the entry point.

How to get there:

It is a little tricky to find this location so you will want to map it well. The easiest way is to find your way to 1st Ave S. and go west on 152nd ST all the way through Burien and down the hill. It turns to Maplewild Ave as you wind down the hill toward the water. Turn Right on a tiny little street called SW 170th Pl. That runs you a few hundred feet into the beach entrance. Park in the gravel spot to the left. There isn’t very much parking but there aren’t usually very many people either.

Once at the site, get your gear on at the car and walk down the short path to the cement slab at the water and there will be a few stairs to your right. You can hop in the water right here to begin your dive or walk op or down the beach to get closer to other attractions at this site.


September 22, 2018