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March Shop Dive – Rockaway

March 11, 2018


Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Norrander’s Reef is the Northern most reef of what comprises the beautiful Blakely Harbor reef system, all of which are fantastic dive sites but Norrander’s is the only one with immediate shore access. The natural rock reef is home regular small Puget Sound inhabitants and the occasional lingcod, wolf eels and octopus.

To dive this site, head straight out from the Northern end of the park and descend to 55’, turn North (left) and you’ll come right up on it. The Reef though narrow and easy to miss, is comprised of natural rock outcrops and cracks, some rising nearly vertically up to 10’ tall and extend in depths from about 35’ to 85’. There is usually a small buoy at the Northern end of the park that marks a rope leading to the top of the Reef.

There is the possibility to launch kayaks from Rockaway Beach Park to gain access to other Blakely Harbor reefs such as Metridium Wall and Liker’s Reef.

Special Restrictions:

Beware of boat traffic. There can be wind waves if the weather is bad and current during large exchanges. Do not attempt to access the other reefs if the weather or current conditions are bad.

How to get there:

Norrander’s Reef is located on the SE end of Bainbridge Island. To get there (once you’ve made it to Bainbridge by either ferry or the WA-305 bridge) From WA-305 head South on Sportsman Club Rd NE. Turn left on Finch Rd then right on Wtatt WayNW. Take a left at Eagle Harbor Dr and continue along the waterfront for 2.6 miles. There is a small parking lot next to a black chain link fence at the beach.


March 11, 2018


Norrander’s Reef aka Rockaway
WA United States


Divemaster – Mike Waymire