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July Shop Dive – Lake Cresent (Bovee Meadow)

July 21, 2018

Divemaster – Paula Bailey


Small Wreck, Wall, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle


There are several locations where you can dive in this lake. It is known for its amazing visibility that can reach 80-100ft thanks to the lack of nitrogen that would allow algae (or plants) to grow …that and the 160+ foot tall vertical walls. WOW! The wall is most impressive as you head west from the pullout. In the lake there isn’t much vegetation to speak of here. Creatures consist of a couple unique species of trout, a type of fresh water sculpin (I know, I didn’t believe it either) and a few crawdads. There is a truck in 160 feet of water at this location in the lake. Other vehicles can be found at other sites around the lake, including one that was the final resting place of a couple that drowned in an accident here. If you find it please show respect.

Special Restrictions:

Be careful in watching your depth and deco time. The clear water makes it easy to get way deeper than you think. Also, remember to drop some weight when diving in fresh water or you could find yourself sinking to a bottomless lake in a hurry!

How to get there:

Take HWY 101 west from Port Angeles. After about 13 miles the lake will be on the right. You can dive any of the public beaches, or the numerous pullouts along the Highway next to the lake. We dive at the first big pullout as you head west. This pullout can be identified by some trees in a rock retaining-walled circle right before crossing a small bridge. There are two signs with info about the lake. You can hop in and swim toward the bridge, and descend down the cliff face to pretty much whatever depth you like.


July 21, 2018